Making a fool of myself

Funny it is to see how people behave when u try to help them without informing them about it. A simple unannounced gesture calls for a judgement of character from unknown souls. It is so easy to judge others when no one is to rule on it, we don’t even bother to give it a second thought. Try help others and first thing they will do is use you in any way you could be used, and then you are called a fool to have yourself to be offered for use. Can’t there be relationships where no give and take is required, is it so necessary that every relationship is based on how much you get and how much you offer. There are better ways in which two people can get along and not have others judge their relationship. Being just friends is not so difficult i suppose as long as one is ready to be just friends. You don’t have to be over caring or over loving or even bother to listen to the other one always. Just be happy in others company, just try to enjoy the moment and not try to hold it, let it pass, and only then more such moments could follow. There is always no need to be judgmental about each and everything that happens. Living in the moment may be something we all need to learn and then we will be able to savor relationships which need not named.
Random as they may appear, but they are my thoughts always unpredictable always out of pattern.

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