A Valuable Gift Called Life

It starts with fetal heart tones when life starts, it starts out near 180 beats per minute and then settles down gradually. This cannot be heard with even a Doppler until the 9-10th week of pregnancy at the earliest, sometimes not until the 12-14th weeks of pregnancy. And slowly it grows making its every movement felt, making small gestures. Then one day it enters the world, full of innocence, untouched, unbiased and totally indifferent. Slowly it starts to look around the world, perceiving, learning, marveling everything and anything that comes across, without judging. Adding every little piece of information to its own knowledge pool, to understand the world and to survive in it. Being influenced by others, trying to make its own place and name in the crowd of millions. Making new bonds, leaving behind a few, to create an environment for it to be felt safe ,to be loved and wanted.Life is perhaps the best composition of god, everytime it is same and yet everytime it is equally beautiful, lovely and wonderful.

Yet so many people end it without reason, every single life is extremely important for the whole universe. For every life there is a different astro reading a different fate a different destiny and a totally different set of characterstics. Atleast once everyone must think of their lives from a perspective different from the conventional, and i am sure that would make a huge difference.

Because when a life ends everything ends with it, the dreams, the aspirations, the goals, the learnings, the knowledge, the presence, the essecnce, the beating heart………

Random as they may appear, but they are my thoughts always unpredictable always out of pattern.

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