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About Dropping A Line


Welcome to the droppingaline.com web blog, thank you for sticking long enough to read this usually underestimated page of most websites. Readers can’t be blamed for not bothering to go through the infamous “About me” pages, they mostly turn out to be lame.

The reason i wrote this page is because i want you to know why one more web blog? i have been a victim of information overload over the internet. So much trash data on the web that at one point of time you feel like slamming your machine shut, i know… been there…done that. Apart from costing me more to repair the damage to my machine this information overload and data has done much damage to the trust level of readers. So then why again more information? why new blog? well first it is not so new. i created this blog back in 2009 but under a different domain name, i just jumped to my new domain, the content is same.

Through this blog i want to give readers concrete matter backed up by thorough research and analysis, articles that are not just result of somebody’s vague imagination but the brainchild of extensive research, analytics, first hand experiences and et cetera. Though i am not a proponent of demographics as i like to call them “dimensionally challenged” i can also not do away with them, and hence they form an important part of the research that goes behind all the articles. It is not to brag about my blog but a lot of effort is spent on each and every article, to save it from becoming just another piece of crap over the internet.

Hence it is important to know what we have reached with our write ups, i urge all of u good readers to do write feedback to us or just comment so that we know how you feel about these articles. Even better would be if you can contribute to the thought process, something going on your mind but your are not so sure about it, let us know, we will go fact finding and help you write an article about it and then publish on this blog.

Contact me on smritidixit@droppingaline.com, register on the website and start creating quality content.