Audacious sometimes!

knowing what is right and what is wrong how many times do we dare to be fearless enough to choose the wrong over right? Sometimes doing wrong things is good. It gives a sense of freedom to our minds knowing that the cage of idealism isn’t unbreakable.
Out of all the things we do in our daily routines there are some that turn out to be bad in the end, though they are wrong deeds, i am not talking about innocent mistakes here. what i am talking about is the deliberate act, wicked it may sound, but a definite fun it could be. Think about it this way, all our lives we have been told to do the right things, and never ever do bad things. Despite of the fact that we do make bad decision about which one is right and which one is wrong, we must always do “the right thing”. Doesn’t it feel like a cage of idealism, i would never like to sacrifice my free will for the sake of fake idealism. Because lets face it no one is too good to be idealistic to everybody. Imagine what right would be if there is no wrong?

I may sound to be sporting the idea of doing wrong things and be proud of it, but believe me that’s not my intent here. well before i go head i would make it clear that i dont mean anything against ‘LAW’ when i say bad/wrong deeds, so dont murder/steal or anything that is banned by law after reading this article. All of us have done some bad deeds in our lives, It is impossible to find one single person who hasn’t done any bad deed in its life, so lets be open about it now. Doing a bad deed is not something to feel sorrow about, but is something to learn from. Trust me we learn more from our bad deeds than good ones, recall your past if u d0n’t trust me. So in turn bad things make us learn more about good things with experience, and be a better person.

We do do bad deeds no matter how much we are aware of badness of that deed, mostly circumstances are to be blamed here. But we all know inside it isnt always the circumstances. My whole point is that sometimes doing bad/wrong deeds becomes necessary, and are the only solution, trust me it is never an easy solution. Few things aren’t even achievable the right way, how about a soldier killing another soldier for the freedom of his people? or a father stealing to feed his kids? well those are some huge examples and there is no satifactory conclusion to those.

For common people sacrifice is no act of nobility, because it gets them nothing. Think it in this way, a common man goes on fasting to force government to stop raising the cost of common commodities. Do you think that would make any difference? if that is to be true then the farmers in our nation would never have to commit suicide on regular basis. We are common people so lets stick to it, lets be better person by accepting the wrong as we accept right and learn from it. Lets do some less harmful bad deeds and satisfy our frustrations and spare the life of millions in religeious or any other sort of riots we create.

For once stop being idealistic and try to be normal, to err is always human, idealism is an addiction asking far too much, it leaves one with nothing but being more miserable.

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