Can You Say it Out Loud?

Life seems to be very short when we get down to the list of things we would like to do in our lives. Many who realized this propagated the idea of living every moment of your life completely and not to leave anything for later. Well one might not be able to do everything they want in their entire lifetime, but everyone can at least say all that they have to, to all those they want to in this very lifetime. Many relationships suffer from the disease called communication gap, it slowly eats away the love and leaves behind disgust and annoyance.fun51


But communication gap is actually something that can be easily cured by just making yourself audible to another person. Telling them that you love them so much every now and then, telling them that they hold an important place in your life. Love is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to a person, then why to hesitate in expressing it. It may happen that the love we express might not be answered at all, but even then it leaves an everlasting mark in the memory of the other person. It is said a love not returned is a question not answered, I think that for a person it is important that the question be asked.


If we would really say our feelings and thoughts out loud we would be able to keep only those who really care about us closer to us and distant others, who might just be crowding our space. We keep our thoughts and feelings closed inside us fearing they will get rejected, fact is every rejection we get points us to exactly where we belong and where we have to head ourselves. Opening oneself is not easy especially because it might break the tower of assumptions we have made about others we care about most. But won’t it be better if we break off assumptions and know real facts and thus design our life around it, this may prevent heartbreak in the future as well, I think this is the best deal one can get for them.

If you are not comfortable speaking your heart out then use other means to express yourself, but make sure that the other person understands it too. Sometimes it becomes difficult to communicate with people who shut themselves from the world for good, but no matter how hard they try to keep voices away from them they are continuously thinking about them. So even if it seems that the other person is not responding keep expressing yourself for your own sake, I guarantee that if you would do it for yourself and not for others you will still end up happy. What we usually do when we express ourselves is seek response, expect the other person to show some gesture of approval or dismissal, and when we do not get anything then we conclude that it wasn’t worth it. I agree that sometimes it is frustrating, but if we change our mindset then we can still come out of it feeling great and fulfilled.

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