Demystifying the obvious.

Human beings are the most intelligent living organisms live on earth. So how good it is to be the race which is most intelligent of all? for me it sucks! with all this intelligence all we have done is made the most simple things complex. Life is beautiful and love is like a cherry on the top, how difficult is it to understand? But no! how can this be so simple? were is the logic? where is the formula? oh wait we don’t know it, this must be the most complex thing to understand.

After all these years of learning, studying, understanding i find myself answering the same set of questions that i would have been answering otherwise also to keep my life running smooth, how pathetic. So what did i do all these years? though i aimed at making my life better i have just made the simple things complex. And we all do it, all the times, we concentrate on the icing so much that we actually forget if it was the cake or the turkey.

We all want to be happy, and we all know that quickest and most permanent way to happiness is love. So why is it so hard to accept that and be open about it, yes people fall in love looking for happiness whats the big deal. Long hours of discussions and arguments would not solve the projected complexities of relationships, one is either happy or unhappy, and thats where a decision is to be made.

If we look deep with in then we will find that every problem in our lives aims at keeping us happy, may be through satisfaction of seeing our loved ones happy and in peace. Many times we forget this basic intend and bury ourselves so deep in it that we end up being unhappy. Life is simple we just need to accept this and be open about it, we can control only ourselves and bring happiness to ourselves and others, in an attempt to control others we may end up getting the contrary.

Life is short and we get to live it only once, we can either complicate it and then solve the supposed mystery or we may keep it clean and lovely to enjoy whatever it offers, the choice is always ours.

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