Did you talk to yourself?

Being able to talk to yourself is a bliss as it makes you a better decision maker, in situations where either you can’t take advice from others or you don’t want other’s advice. Interestingly it also gives you a feeling of ownership and authority on your own life and decisions you make, which sometimes is lost when you try to take advice from people around you and it ends up with you being pushed in to something.

potd-snail_2593131k I take an hour out every day to be just with myself, in that hour I try to discuss issues with myself, talk about things happening around, and a bit about where in future I am heading with what I am doing now. This practice keeps me clear headed of the things I want to achieve in my life, sometimes how to achieve those things too.

While you are ‘self talking’ you can be completely yourself, there would be no hesitations, no perceptions, no-show off, everything you do to save yourself from being profiled to a kind. nobody can understand your situation better than you, things you really want yourself and for others, it might no be a pretty picture all the times and you don’t have to share it with others who would tell you only what you already know instead of solving the issue.

Chef-dOeuvre-of-Mirror-reflection-photography-1We all spend a lot of time talking discussing arguing fighting with others over small matters, sometimes it is worth a while and sometimes it is not. but when you talk to yourself every minute is worth, every moment relieves a lot of stress. the only way world would treat you the way you want will be when you treat yourself the same way. so instead of cursing the world or your destiny try to focus on yourself, are you doing what you love to do, are you taking care of yourself, are you giving your body and mind enough rest, are you spending time listening to your inner self?

We cannot change others we can only adapt, we can evolve, we can grow. so take time today and focus on adapting, evolving and growing better and win.

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3 thoughts on “Did you talk to yourself?”

  1. I always chatter on to myself. I sound insane but it is the best way to work through problems and I find it really useful when writing a difficult chapter to talk out the problems rather than stare at a screen for hours.

    1. People who don not appreciate or understand self talk often feel insecure when they see people who do becoming self sufficient. I think people consciously or unconsciously do self talk but do not realize its importance, if they can understand this then they can use self talk to get through difficulties in life.

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