Happiness Deep Within

In an effort to live a life fulfilling and satisfying, often we experience moments of joy, happiness, sorrow, pain and etc…Specifically talking about the times when we feel happy, i am not talking about being happy for others, no not that, but being happy about oneself. When u feel happy from inside, when you cannot sit straight for a minute,  and you want to dance all over the place, thats the kind of happiness i am talking about. Thinking about such a state of happiness only can bring a smile on my face. The feeling of tiny butterflies in your stomach, is so much overwhelming. Rare are such moments in one’s life but most cherished are these, and the most fun part is that there has to be no definite reason for such a feeling of happiness. I think that is the reason why it is so much different than the other times, because there is no reason, no conclusion, no judgments just plain and simple happy attitude. That is probably the explanation why we cannot remember it, and that actually gives it a uniqueness every time it is felt. In this state a very positive energy flows through our body and is reflected vibrantly. People could figure out the difference instantly when it is there in me that feeling that happiness deep inside me.

In a state like that and with so much of positive energy flowing, one automatically becomes a healer to others, they can distribute the same feeling and make others feel good about it too. Although such a feeling can’t be put in to someone through words or actions it is definitely triggered from deep inside, but it can definitely cheer up someone in desperate need .

Call it cosmos or supernatural or  anything for that matter, it is a feeling as unexplainable as love, it can only be felt. So if you want to experience it then relax and enjoy every passing moment in your life don’t try to capture everything let a few things pass by, be a little callous sometimes, world is not falling apart any sooner.

Random as they may appear, but they are my thoughts always unpredictable always out of pattern.

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