Loving Your Gadgets.

Oh yes! You read the title right it is loving your appliances and more accurately, these days, gadgets.

So exactly how many phones have you changed till date? Do you own any of them still? Or how about your watch? Okay any other appliance or gadget you owned and replaced but still kept? Something tells me none. Don’t worry i am not judging you here, it makes complete sense to make some space by selling out or lending or simply throwing out stuff that is not needed anymore. I have read more stuff than i want to admit, over loving and caring people around us, but what made me write this post was this relatively less popular ancient animated film called “The Brave Little Toaster “ It is a story of a few household appliances who go on a quest to search for their original owner.

Though i watched the movie when i was quite small but it had impacted me so much, i wondered if appliances and gadgets i own would have any feelings towards me, so i experimented and started taking care of my stuff. I kind of started making a connection with my stuff, eventually it led to times where i felt bad throwing my stuff away when i replaced them with new ones. As a kid i thought my stuff did love me back and won’t break when i need them most , for example my old watch worked absolutely fine during my exams when it was on the verge of break down.


When i see people today i realise how easily they replace gadgets just because it is outdated or not in fashion now, it is not at all imperative that the appliance is broke or worn out. There is no reward or appreciation for being someone who love and care their appliances or gadgets, it just makes one a better person.

Our actions propagate to so many levels and bring so many changes in our lives that we cannot even imagine to understand all of it. Being able to take care and love appliances and gadgets that you use every day may not change anything in your eyes but it does makes other see a better person in you.

When you start connecting with things in your house, it becomes your home. It becomes a place where you find great comfort, everything around is dear to you, so even when you are alone you are in the company of your gadgets. cuoresplitterIt feels great to think of the good times when you look at something that reminds you of it. I still have my grandfather’s watch with me that I found in his stuff after he died. It reminds me of him, and the time when he used to be around sharing his knowledge and wisdom. For me his watch is a way for me to connect with him when i am low and seek comfort.

Logically it makes sense the more carefully you use things the longer they last, but what about when u really need your dying gadget to function for this one last time, will it work then? Well we all know non-living things do not have feelings, they are lifeless. It is a chance that your gadgets won’t give up when you count on them because you have been taking a good care of them and they are still functioning properly.

Films like ‘The brave little toaster’ and ‘Toy Story’ makes a deep impact and are excellent teachers for kids to become caring and loving to not just people around but the stuff they own or are responsible for. It is becoming increasing difficult to teach kids to take care of their stuff, toys, books etc… Unfortunately kids learn to thrash old stuff and get new ones from us only. It is true that non living things do not have feelings but does that mean they don’t need to be taken care of? When all this time they have been serving their purpose perfectly alright. Old stuff hold precious memories if not for anything else then for the sake of those memories can we not make sure that all our old gadgets end up some place where they can be take care of or used properly?

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