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Sometimes really small incidents in our lives make huge difference and cling on for a long time, so much so that you would at one point question what makes them last so long in your minds. This is one of those incidents, and i think i know why i can’t get it off my mind read till the end and you would also know.

On a suspiciously dry afternoon during the monsoon season my mother and i decided to make the most of it and went shopping. She wanted to buy a pressure cooker of smallest size, like the one I had baught before I got married. So we decided to go to the same shop from where I had made the purchase. As expected it was a very crowded market place, we were not the only smart ones to take the advantage of no rainshow day.

At the shop we quickly made our minds for a 1.5 litre pressure cooker, which was perfect for my mom. As she was going through the catalogue, I gazed around to find something interesting, and so I did, there was this small working prototype cooker of the same company. The small cooker reminded of my daughter’s fear of the cooker’s whistle, and I thought it might help her to get over this fear. So I told the sales person to pack the little cooker toy for my daughter. suddenly a lady just leaving the shop with huge bags in her hand stopped by my mother and asked her about the toy cooker. My mother told her that we were buying it, “it is so cute!” she exclaimed and left the shop.

We were just looking around the shop waiting for the billing formalities when I saw that same lady coming back to the shop and talking to the owner. The owner then turned around and picked up the toy cooker lying on the counter where we were standing. I sensed her intention of buying the toy instantly, so I told the sales person we were dealing with to tell the owner about our purchase of the toy. I did not want to delay payment for another 15 mins. since I could see there was only piece at the shop. If she was going to take it then we would have to wait for another one, I prompted the sales person again, and he assured me that shop’s owner would return it in a jiffy.

And then right in front of my eyes he sold it to the lady and she took it from him, didnt even let him pack it. I felt furious inside, but kept my composure, we then told the shop’s owner of the whole situation. He apologized and promised us another piece in a minute from his godown. this was exactly what I was trying to avoid. Sensing our raging anger he dialed his staff again and ordered him to bring the toy fast. My mother told him it was against the ethics and that we were probably one of the oldest customers. he apologized again and I thoght it was a genuine apology, the phone rang abruptly and the owner picked it up in hurry probably because he knew who it was.

He put down the reciever and I just knew his next words…”sorry ma’m, but that was the last piece we had”. My anger was sky rocketing now and I told him to cancel our order for the toy cooker, I just wanted to get out of there before I slam him. The owner now looked more guilt stricken than before, but nothing could be done, nobody was to blame for the incident, it was an honest mistake. Trying to consol us he asked us to give him some time to find another piece, but all I could tell him was ” It was for my daughter”.

I just could not get this incident out of my mind, not because I could not buy that toy, but I had already established a connection with it. When i had made my mind to buy it I had started making plans of how I was going to surprise my daughter, her expressions would be priceless. I was already thinking how she would get over her fear when she would see the little pressure cooker was harmless. But with in a moment it all had gone down, I lost the toy to someone else and I could not forgive. though I knew none was to blame I still could not stop cursing, this probably was one of the side effects of being a parent.

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