Social Media : Making or Breaking

“We live in a world where people mistake Kindness for Weakness, Politeness for Flirtation and Social Networks for Reality”.


42% of the world’s population has access to the internet in January 2015, when it was 35% last year, and just what really people do when online is not a surprise the Pew Research Center said as of July 1, 2015, 76 % of adults utilizing the Internet are active on social media sites. The Monthly active user (MAU) figures for the most active social network in each country add up to almost 2.08 billion. Facebook claims 1.366 billion active users in January 2015, 83% of which accessing the service through mobile devices. Top activity recorded on facebook and Google+ was uploading and sharing photos followed by messaging, commenting and liking posts and photos.


Does above data stands as a proof that we are becoming more social than ever, does it indicate that we are socializing more since technology comes so handy? Unfortunately I don’t see people feeling or acting very social after browsing facebook or Google+ or twitter etc… for four hours straight. So what exactly is happening here, I think people are focusing more on doing social networking than actually being more social. I myself is a big fan of social media, I believe that in today’s world one’s social presence is as important as their birth certificate. Younger crowed has unfortunately completely misunderstood the concept of social networking, when I work online I have to distance myself from screen as soon as I land on any social networking site as suddenly I find my screen bombarded with up close selfies or some other disturbing images.

I feel sorry for those who lack a sense of appropriate data to be published on social networks, and pity on those who are forced to look at those posts. It is amazing to see what lengths young people will go to attract more and more likes, comments and shares on their photos or sometimes posts. Eventually such people turn social media in to a living horror for those who are not so sound at technology use. Researchers have provided enough prove to warn people against social media use in inappropriate way, over time social media can leave negative footprints on users’ minds. University of Houston researchers concluded that spending a lot of time on Facebook and comparing oneself to others is linked to depressive feelings.


Having said that it does not mean facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.. cause depression. On the contrary daily activity data of millions of users from these social networking websites can be used to infer their mental states that influence their health. The digital breadcrumbs people leave on the social media can be studied and can be used to understand their mental states, so as to provide better medical consultation. About 7.5 percent of Facebook posts were found to be contextually related to health, this makes them a perfect candidate for construing the medical history and behaviour of patients.

Like internet social media and social networking has its own advantages and disadvantages, there is no need to describe how it can be both harmful and harmless. What needs to be understood is what we are actually doing unconsciously while we roam about freely browsing, posting, liking, uploading and downloading. A normal use of internet might not harm u more but considering social media your private lair where you can freely interact with your peers can cause a lot of damage.

When you are going for a job interview your employer just needs to do a Google search to get unguarded information on you if you were not careful. Corporates are hiring ‘data brokers’ who gather information on people, imagine professionals tracking you and collecting even your shopping habits and catering them to your dream job employer before you are even hired. What might be just an update for you can either shape your future for good or destroy it completely.


Rouge Valley established a social media and web conduct policy in March 2011. One guideline noted, “Using social media to disrespect, harm, or embarrass RVHS as an institution, our patients and/or visitors, or co-workers, will not be tolerated. All RVHS employee-related policies apply to social media conduct whether done at/during work, off site, or after working hours.”. Big data is a growing field and thus has potential to fuel the competition across the businesses, it is becoming more than people searching people over the net.

Social media and networking is probably one of the best uses of internet many individuals can make, but if people won’t be careful it can destroy them completely and i am not talking about their professional image. Parents need to be more careful about what their kids are posting on the social media and how it is impacting them, they should educate themselves more on the use of social media. Before you post anything make sure you know who will be able to see it, like it, comment it, share it and never forget that information that can’t shared can be copied. Blocking or banning social media is not a solution, educating folks on how to use it properly is more important.

Internet is full of data and information about almost everything that exists and is known to man and because it is so rich with information everyone is searching something or other. Despite continuous effort by search engines like google and bing to filter out counterfeit data and provide their users with only genuine results, bogus data do gets through. While sharing content or believing any story that just goes viral people should check the source and see if it is even credible. Many people would simply quit social media afraid of damages it can cause, little they know, quitting is not doing any good to them either, on the contrary it may makes others suspicious.


Internet is not secure and it cannot give you privacy and so does social media, so if you are thinking that you can share data privately and no one will know… think again. We cannot stop using internet or social media, and we should not too, but we definitely need to be cautious and restrain from giving in the temptation of impressing a handful of people.

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