When I First heard of the term “SUPERINTELLIGENCE” I could only picture superman, but then I thought even superman was not super intelligent. So then what it means, well let’s take a look at it with me here, I will try to make sense of the real meaning behind this term.

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So if intelligence is an attribute that can be measured on a scale of 1 to 10 in all the living organisms on this planet then superintelligence would be sitting at 10. Ironically of all the species we know of none seems to have surpassed the human intelligence level let’s say which is 9, so human intelligence is where we max out. As a matter of fact we still have not explored the entire spectrum of human intelligence as well, it has been proved that we humans use only a tiny percent of our brain and probably are not capable of using any more of it.

There have been a lot talking about superintelligence and its slow commencement along with artificial intelligence as humans are able to make machines increasingly smarter. The only problem being that machines are still dependent on humans, machines still cannot take decisions on their own they need human operatives. This is the only reason we cannot still achieve artificial intelligence no matter how much data we feed how much processing power we add or connectivity we provide to our machines. But hey! No need to get depressed, machines are still on many levels smarter than people, they have become experts by combining knowledge from different subject matter experts. Machines prove to be excellent assistances to humans, many machines as expert systems are assisting humans in achieving multiple tasks.

99F8x1024y768The thing with superintelligence is that it cannot be possessed by humans; interestingly we do not know if any other species possess it, except for GOD, but we won’t talk about God here. It is believed that once machines will gain artificial intelligence they will attain superintelligence eventually, why? And when? is easy but how? part is tricky here. See when machines with immense memory, processing power, connectivity etc… Would gain intelligence they may understand how to process that information and device their own ways of attaining superintelligence, machines unlike humans have no physical or mental limitations. But who’s to know if they would not be limited by their consciousness as it comes free with intelligence. You see when machines will know it all they will understand that everything is pointless they would overcome the deadly seven: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony (if they would have any), and eventually attain sainthood.

What limits human beings? I mean why we are this size why not as big as dinosaurs. That way we would have bigger brains, bigger memories, more neurons we would be able to process more and more data in less time. But we don’t, we cannot grow bigger brains biologically, makes me think that for our size this is how much intelligent we can be. Remember survival of the fittest, every living organism on this planet is intelligent, why? Because they know how to survive in their environments, they adapted according to their environments. I wonder if machines will have to adapt to the environment because then like other species they will be limited to a particular size which they would not be able to outgrow.

Every living organism on our planet is intelligent, they are conscious, they are alive, they can memorize, they can learn, they can survive. The plants, animals, singular cells all of them are intelligent, but not machines who are smarter than humans on many levels. Unfortunately there is no perfect way of measuring intelligence in all the species on our planet. However recently a paper published in Acta Astronautica in February offers an exercise called COMPLEX (COmplexity of Markers for Profiling Life in EXobiology) by Denise Herzing that offers a new approach to profile a variety of organisms along multiple dimensions. The dimensions including “encephalization quotient” (neural complexity assessment), “communication signals” (complexity of signal coding), “individual complexity” (the presence of personalities, essentially), “social complexity” (whether living as a group or solitarily) and “interspecies interaction” (the character of external relationships).

In the early 2000s Toshiyuki Nakagaki, then at Hokkaido University in Japan, and his colleagues chopped up a single polycephalum and scattered the pieces throughout a plastic maze. The smidgens of slime mold began to grow and find one another, burgeoning to fill the entire labyrinth. These experiments prove only one thing that it is the collective intelligence of such singular cells that made most intelligent beings like humans. Amazingly each of these cells have their own conscious, they can think and act for their own survival.

Unless we solve the mystery of consciousness and cognition we won’t be able to achieve artificial intelligence, because to be intelligent our machines need to be conscious first. That brings to an interesting point about machines becoming a threat to human race if they’d become intelligent. I have done a lot of study before i started writing this post hoping that it would change my mind on Artificial intelligence being achievable in future, but it could not. All my study and research has made me think of machines as more of a tool, a very good one though but not conscious. There are just so many factors, and all are equally important, i cannot imagine a shortcut to creating life.

1374f1792f6201ec28a4156fba95ab60So why so many great people worry about machines becoming a threat to human race? I think it is the Fear of unknown, human tendency is to be afraid of what it doesn’t know about or when there is high uncertainty about something, we humans are scared to death of the possibilities and delve so much in it that the thin line between reality and fiction becomes blur. Since the big secrets of human body itself are not fully uncovered, terms like intelligence, consciousness, and free will have multiple definitions, none of which is globally accepted in its entirety. So since we ourselves are unclear of our own existence we fear if machines will be able to crack the big question before us, and if they did, they will turn the tables and the masters will become slaves and will rule the planet. We also fear that since we won’t be of any use for machines the new masters will eventually eliminate the entire human race just like we did with other species. Knowingly or unknowingly in our constant struggle to make our lives more comfortable we eradicated the entire species from the face of earth and that’s the fate we fear for ourselves too.


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