Beauty Skin Deep

There are very few things that actually catch my attention and one of those are really beautiful things. I may sound shoal, but that is not the way i mean it, beautiful things may include a beautiful mind and soul. Continue reading Beauty Skin Deep

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How to Inspire Inner Creativity in Seven Ways

For creative people, life these days is not as easy as it used to be. Earlier, people used to do whatever they did for a long time and that would be good enough. People would be creative for once in their lifetime and then celebrate their reward for the rest of their life. But now, doing whatever you do or told to do is not enough, people want something new and exciting every day. The shelf life of a master piece was a lifetime or even more. Continue reading How to Inspire Inner Creativity in Seven Ways

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When I First heard of the term “SUPERINTELLIGENCE” I could only picture superman, but then I thought even superman was not super intelligent. So then what it means, well let’s take a look at it with me here, I will try to make sense of the real meaning behind this term. Continue reading Superintelligence

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