Can You Say it Out Loud?

Life seems to be very short when we get down to the list of things we would like to do in our lives. Many who realized this propagated the idea of living every moment of your life completely and not to leave anything for later. Continue reading Can You Say it Out Loud?

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When wishes come true!

There are certain things in life that we long for desperately and knowing it will be difficult to achieve it we go overboard to make it happen. Then some day with god’s grace our wish is granted, and that is the moment of satisfaction, a moment in which we are on cloud nine since we knew how desperately we wanted it. How many people will be there in this world who would be unhappy when their wish comes true? Continue reading When wishes come true!

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Making a fool of myself

Funny it is to see how people behave when u try to help them without informing them about it. A simple unannounced gesture calls for a judgement of character from unknown souls. Continue reading Making a fool of myself

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Not Just A Toy!


Sometimes really small incidents in our lives make huge difference and cling on for a long time, so much so that you would at one point question what makes them last so long in your minds. This is one of those incidents, and i think i know why i can’t get it off my mind read till the end and you would also know. Continue reading Not Just A Toy!

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Loving Your Gadgets.

Oh yes! You read the title right it is loving your appliances and more accurately, these days, gadgets. Continue reading Loving Your Gadgets.

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Demystifying the obvious.

Human beings are the most intelligent living organisms live on earth. So how good it is to be the race which is most intelligent of all? Continue reading Demystifying the obvious.

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The cat has moved on

They finally got married after a long time of persuasion and consistent arguing with their parents, sometimes begging and sometimes threatening. And when it happened it happened like a flash, the wedding day, the honeymoon came and went like a dream, and then they realised they have opened a Pandora’s box. Continue reading The cat has moved on

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Happiness Deep Within

In an effort to live a life fulfilling and satisfying, often we experience moments of joy, happiness, sorrow, pain and etc…Specifically talking about the times when we feel happy, i am not talking about being happy for others, no not that, but being happy about oneself. Continue reading Happiness Deep Within

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