When wishes come true!

There are certain things in life that we long for¬†desperately¬†and knowing it will be difficult to achieve it we go overboard to make it happen. Then some day with god’s grace our wish is granted, and that is the moment of satisfaction, a moment in which we are on cloud nine since we knew how desperately we wanted it. How many people will be there in this world who would be unhappy when their wish comes true? Continue reading When wishes come true!

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Why Me?

Failure is something which occurs to everyone, no one has ever escaped failure, but same is the story with success, like failure everyone has got success too. Many people wouldn’t agree to it if they were told that they have had success in their lives, well people always remain unsatisfied with whatever they get in their lives. For us it is more important, what others have got, and what we have will always be less. At times when we face failure and become frustrated with things, we end up asking god “Why me?”, people consider themselves to be a victim of destiny. Continue reading Why Me?

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