Why Me?

Failure is something which occurs to everyone, no one has ever escaped failure, but same is the story with success, like failure everyone has got success too. Many people wouldn’t agree to it if they were told that they have had success in their lives, well people always remain unsatisfied with whatever they get in their lives. For us it is more important, what others have got, and what we have will always be less. At times when we face failure and become frustrated with things, we end up asking god “Why me?”, people consider themselves to be a victim of destiny.

I was just wondering what would be god’s answer to such question “Why me?” what if he asks “Why not you?”. what is the reason we can think of to prove that we do not deserve what we have got? when everyone else is facing such hard times. How are we to justify that we deserve to be successful and happy all the times? God may ask “I created you to evolve, i gave u brains to make use of it and handle the tough times, i made many others like you, and they all have equal brains, i provided with all the resources needed for you to survive in ample amount, you have nature at your disposal, when every body else is facing tough times, then why not you?”

It might be a little hard to argue on this, because we only feel our emotions, our pain. We cannot feel the pain others are subjected to when things go wrong in their lives or when they face failure in certain desperate conditions. When i got a sneak peek in to the life of my friend who seemed to have lesser problems than me and i tried to put myself in to her shoes i was aghast to realize that she actually had more problems then all the problems of my life combined and she was struggling against them all alone.

This made me forget my own worries, like her there are so many people who i may not know and who are struggling against the challenges life throws at them at every step. So how can i ever ask God “Why me?” when i know that its not just me. Like nature our life will also have a balance of all sorts of feelings we experience. If we claim happiness then sorrow will come as a part and parcel, and if we look at the brighter side our sorrows actually gives us strength to stay tough in situations and support others.

It is just the perspective that makes one person different from other, in desperate situations we usually can’t focus on such enlightening and logical arguments. But we must always remember that any situation is temporary and what is today shall pass too. So cheer up even if it isnt exactly you were expecting, it could have been even worst.

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  1. Nice Article … dedicate this article to every ‘Why Me?’ guy.
    I think God’s answer to every ‘Why Me?’ would be ‘Why Me?, ask yourself’.

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